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Audiology / Speech Therapy

Our Audiology and Speech therapy department in Manama deals with Prevention, Identification, Diagnosis and Management of various hearing, speech and language disorders for people of all ages. The patient centered services are provided by two Audiologist/Speech therapists 6 days per week. The department is equipped to provide the following range of services.  


  • Pure tone audiometry
  • Speech Audiometry
  • Immittance audiometry  - Tympanometry, Acoustic Reflex testing, Acoustic Reflex decay
  • Classical site of lesion tests - Short Increment Sensitivity Index (SISI), Tone Decay Test (TDT), Speech in Noise Test
  • Tests for pediatrics - Behavioral Observation Audiometry, Conditioning Play Audiometry, Oto Acoustic Emission-OAE( Screening), Auditory Brain stem Response- ABR( Screening)
  • Newborn Hearing Screening -  Oto Acoustic Emission-OAE( Screening), Auditory Brain stem Response- ABR( Screening)
  • Hearing Aids - Hearing aid trials with Informal Trail and Aided Audio gram
  • Tinnitus assessment
  • Occupational hearing conservation – Hearing screening, Ear protector attenuation measures
  • Counseling and recommendations for hearing impaired patients, and also regarding usage and benefits of hearing aids and assistive listening devices.

Speech and Language Therapy

Provides evaluation, diagnosis and therapy for various Speech and Language disorders like childhood developmental speech and language disorders (Autism, Down’s syndrome, ADHD, Hearing loss), Fluency disorders (Stuttering/cluttering), Articulation disorders (cleft lip/palate, phonological process disorder), Voice disorders, Adult speech and language disorders (dysarthria, aphasia, dysphagia). Provides patient centered home training programs, counseling and recommendations.  

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