American Mission Hospital launches Telemedicine for Reaching Communities

American Mission Hospital (AMH) announces its Telemedicine service for all who seek care.

Resilience is the ability to absorb the shock and disruption to what is normal. We are on the brink of a “new normal” that will “witness a dramatic restructuring of the economic and social order in which business and society have traditionally operated”. As a healthcare organization we are in the frontline of this storm and will continue to play an important role in shaping the post COVID recovery.

We are all rethinking how we deliver healthcare, based on lessons learned in these last few months with COVID-19 pandemic. Like many healthcare organizations, AMH turned to Telemedicine to extend care and meet community needs during this time of physical distancing. We realize that Telemedicine is the need of the hour especially when the world is facing unprecedented challenges with the coronavirus pandemic.

The main features of Telemedicine is allowing the patient to connect with AMH and book virtual consultations with our Doctors. To allow patients to keep a complete digital record of their health on the application and to allow patients to upload any medical records they think are relevant and want to discuss with the doctor. Patients are able to obtain valid medical E-Prescriptions after their appointment is over, which they can use at AMH pharmacy to obtain medicines.

As the COVID-19 contributing higher fatalities among immunocompromised people like chronic diseases and comorbidities, it can be used to avoid virus exposure by the means of reducing hospital visits. In addition to, it can reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission among health care professionals those working tirelessly in the frontlines by keeping all the significant infected patients out of hospital. Telemedicine can be used to triage more patients, screen and diagnose remotely. According to Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA), it also supports cost effective care by keeping patients to unlikely visit to emergency department and face to face consultations.

Throughout our history AMH has overcome and adapted to the various challenges of pandemics and economic downturns. Favorable job attitudes have a strong relationship to organizational outcomes in bad economic times than they do in normal or good times. External threats also provide us with opportunities of being innovative in how we deliver care and we have come to appreciate what a valuable tool Telemedicine is for reaching communities.

Please stay healthy and safe as we collectively fight this pandemic alongside our Public health officials and health workers who are directly involved in caring for sick COVID patients.

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