Our hospital in Manama is in the same location where, in 1903, the very first modern hospital - in Bahrain and all of GCC countries - was opened. It was then called the Mason Memorial Hospital.

In 1927, another one, the Marion Wells Thoms Memorial Hospital was also opened, especially for women and children. It was named after the first modern female physician of Bahrain. Today, it houses Manama branch's Ob-Gyn Department and Zwemer Clinic. 

By 1940s, the two were together being referred to as the ‘American Mission Hospital’, and the name was formally adopted in 1960s. 

In 1962 and in the year 2000, many major renovations, expansions and even new buildings were made; which included the hospital bridge over the Isa Al Kabeer road.

Manama branch continues to offer most of its services even after the opening of its large new building complex, the King Hamad American Mission Hospital, in A'Ali, on the hospital's 120th anniversary.
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