Patients’ rights
  • Considerate, equal and respectful care in a clean and safe environment. 
  • Be examined and treated in surroundings which protect your privacy and culture. 
  • Know the name of the person treating you and their professional capacity. 
  • Receive clear understandable information about your health status and treatment and be involved in decisions about your healthcare. 
  • Be involved in the development of any plan for your health in language that you can understand with a representative if you wish. 
  • Be kept informed about waiting times, delays and cancellations. 
  • Have access to your medical records subject to our normal procedures and to know that your personal medical information remains confidential. 
  • Refuse treatment and to be informed of any medical consequences and the risks of refusing treatment. 
  • Ask for a breakdown of costs involved before any treatment begins. 
  • Express complaints about the care received and to have those complaints resolved. 
  • Receive a clear explanation of any surgical, anesthetics or certain diagnostic procedures and to be asked to give your written consent to the procedure. 
  • Communicate with people outside the hospital and receive visitors except when this would interfere with your plan of care.

  • Cooperate with everyone providing you with care and treatment.
  • Be considerate to other patients by respecting their property and privacy.
  • Understand and follow instructions concerning your treatment and ask questions if you do not understand and would like an explanation
  • Provide accurate and complete information regarding your health and medical history by answering all questions honestly
  • Responsible as regards your payment for treatment and cooperative in providing any insurance information.
  • Inform our staff if you have brought any medication into the hospital with you.
  • Inform the hospital if you cannot meet an appointment
  • Accept responsibility for the consequences if you refuse treatment or do not follow our instructions
  • Make a formal complaint concerning quality of care, if care is not what was promised
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