Dietary Services
We provide our dietary services to all in-patients 7 days a week, and 6 days a week for out-patients.

In-patient Nutrition Services
Proper nutrition is esential in the treatment and recovery of a patient during their hospital stay. We ensure that the patient’s nutritional care plan meets individualized needs during their hospital stay and their recovery. Menus can be customized to fit any order and to satisfy patient preferences within that order. We work closely with physicians, nurses and other professional staff to meet a person’s individual needs.

Out-patient Nutrition Services
The out patient nutritional counseling program focuses on helping individuals learn to make healthy food choices and lifestyle changes. Patients at high nutrition risk are monitored, nutritional goals are reviewed and education is provided. Weight management, weight gain, eating disorders, diabetes, hypertention and cholestrol counseling are also available. We also offer short and long term packages to outpatients who are at high nutrition risk, especially those struggling with weight related issues.  This package offers personalised one-on-one attention to help achieve the goal. A physician referral is not required for individual outpatient nutrition counseling.

Our dieticians are available for consulation and counselling.
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