American Mission Hospital | 2018 C3 US-Arab Healthcare & Business Summit

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2018 C3 US-Arab Healthcare & Business Summit


Dr. George Cheriyan, Corporate CEO of American Mission Hospital, Bahrain will be attending the 2018 C3 US-Arab Healthcare & Business Summit held in New York, United States Of America on 24 September 2018 and representing Bahrain.

He will be talking about the subject on

Preventable Medical Care: The Science of Improving Quality of Life Against the Battle of Disease “Preventive medical care includes all healthcare services intended to prevent illness, detect health problems before any symptoms occur, and reduce the damage caused by symptomatic diseases. It is known that 70% of all healthcare costs are direct results of behavior, and that 74% of all costs are confined to four chronic conditions: cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Furthermore, 80% of cardiovascular disease and diabetes is preventable, and 90% of obesity is preventable. The #1 and #2 causes of disability in the USA and UAE respectively, are neck/back pain and migraine. Studies show headaches to be the #1 cause of lost productivity in the workplace with the UAE having the highest prevalence of migraine in the world. Preventive healthcare strategies take place at the primal, primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention levels.

A number of studies have shown that preventive medicine is a good investment. Services of daily aspirin use; tobacco cessation support; diet and exercise; cancer screening; immunization; and illegal substance screening for example can potentially save thousands of lives and millions of dollars annually. Headache and migraine prevention is possible with patient self-treatment. Our panel of professionals will discuss the logistical and procedural considerations of integrating preventative solutions.”

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