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Human resources

At AMH we believe that the success of our hospital is based on the quality of our employees, who demonstrate the organizational values of : Honesty, Respect and Integrity which we aspire to. We therefore have committed motivated employees who feel valued. As a result, AMH enjoys one of the highest employee retention rates within the private sector in the Gulf.

Our employees are mindful of the importance of meeting our patients needs, and as a consequence, deliver outstanding customer service, along with quality health care.

We nurture a culture that recognizes and rewards performance, and promotes career development by encouraging and assisting each employee to maximize his or her abilities. This is achieved by providing ongoing CME as well as in-house training.

Our strategic plan is to satisfy a large and broad patient base with a wide range of high quality affordable services. This can only be achieved by maintaining the quality of our employees, along with their motivation.

If you would like to be part of AMH and it’s historical success, then we would welcome the opportunity to tell you more about how AMH can help you reach your career goals in an employee-centric environment.

Job – Related Inquiries

To submit resumes/CV’s, please use our

“Please contact the customer service email to provide the feedback or make an inquiry and send your job applications to HR email, please refrain from sending promotional or marketing related offers to these emails”

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