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we belive every interaction with our patients is an opportunity!

George Cheriyan MD, FRCPCH, FRCPI, MBA

Corporate CEO / Chief Medical Officer

American Mission Hospital has been providing healthcare for the people of Bahrain for over a hundred years in a non-profit setting. The ideals by which AMH was first established have remained unchanged in over a century of service.

The ideals that drive us today and into the future are based on the following tenants:

  • The provision of affordable high quality care in a non-profit setting
  • The delivery of care to be patient centered with the sole focus of doing what is right for the patient at all times
  • Care that is delivered as a team that allows us to harness the expertise of all of the team members and help nurture the development of every employee to fulfill their role in the organization
  • To pursue excellence in everything we do with absolute integrity
  • A willingness to adapt to the changing needs of the people we serve

The biggest challenge in the delivery of healthcare is that the care itself does not harm patients. Standards that benchmark the quality of delivery is through independent accreditation bodies that scrutinize the systems, facilities, and policies through which care is experienced by our patients. AMH was the first hospital in Bahrain to receive its accreditation from the Australian accreditation body in 2006 and has been re-accredited in November 2010.

We realize that our patient needs are diverse, thus requiring us to have a portfolio of skills and resources to enable us to have the capability to meet these demands. Our greatest asset in meeting this need is through the employees we hire. Great care is taken to hire staff that is committed to the mission of service with the needs of the patient being the sole driver of all that we do.

The need to modernize and upgrade our customer care experience is a top priority for me and work is well underway at all levels to make this a reality for our customers. We do not take our legacy of over 100 years of healthcare service for granted but are working hard to take this to the next level as a model of healthcare for the future. Our goal is not just to meet, but to try to exceed your expectations as you experience care within AMH.

As I moved through my career of nearly 30 years as a clinician and now have the privilege of leading AMH, I understand what is important for patients; my role is to bring all of the resources we have at AMH to make a difference in the care of our patients. Plans are underway to expand to a new facility in other parts of Bahrain so that our care can be accessed by a wider section of the people of Bahrain. We would welcome your suggestions to enable us to fulfill this goal.

Yours in service,

George Cheriyan MD, FRCPCH, FRCPI

Corporate CEO / Chief Medical Officer

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