Why Soza

Soza Health bases all their testing systems and algorithms on excellent medical research, which quickly shows a health report card to customers so that they can take appropriate corrective steps in nutrition and fitness.

And these remedial lifestyles could even result in greater immunization against illnesses


Lord Wolfson of Sunningdale, from UK, asked the question “Why do we get ill?” He then facilitated a grant of $10 million to find the answer.

His rationale was to reduce UK's national healthcare costs that were becoming more and more demanding, as illnesses are given treatments in hospitals and medical centers.

If people do not get ill, there would be fewer costs to the individuals and to the governments.

Research teams reviewed existing peer-reviewed literature for 8 years and came out with a health scoring model. By giving the model some key inputs such as small samples of blood, urine, saliva, and by conducting basic tests, within an hour, a report of the individual’s health can be obtained.

The researchers’ brief had been simple and the Soza Health Assessment does just that.

  • Simple Tests. Immediate Results
  • Personalized for the individual
  • Mobile – It should be easy to take to and make it accessible to corporates

Loughborough University

‘National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine’ at the Loughborough University was a key researcher.

This university has been rated the World No. 1 for sports-related subjects for FIVE consecutive years in the global QS higher education league table, click here

Working for Health and Wellbeing, its School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, has been recognized for its effort in promoting wellness, click here  

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