Soza Wellness Assessment

The American Mission Hospital (AMH) has tied up with Soza Health UK and Dhu3, Bahrain, for conducting health and wellness assessments in Bahrain.

These wellness assessments can be booked by corporates (for their employees), as well as by individuals (for their family, friends, or themselves).

When companies book assessments for their company staff, our trained clinicians will visit and conduct Soza Health Assessment tests, at their company’s location or, if they choose, at AMH as well.

Individuals can also book online first, and then, come to AMH Manama to get their assessments done.

Soza Health Assessment

It consists of several short health tests that look at your heart, lungs, blood, kidney, bladder, and other body systems. It will give a clear picture of your health on a wellness spectrum, on several categories.


In order to ensure accurate results, one must please fast at least 4 hours before the appointment. You can drink water but please do not drink tea, coffee, juices, flavoured water or soft drinks.

Specimen bottles

Two bottles for collecting samples of urine and saliva will be given, earlier. They should be brought back on the day of the assessment.
Urine sample – first sample in the morning (mid-stream)
Saliva sample – before brushing teeth (4 to 6 spits)


It takes around 45 minutes to collect enough data from these tests to create an accurate picture of your health.


The clinician will ask you to remove one shoe and a sock for one test. And you will need to lift your shirt or top to place a heart monitor belt around your chest. This is positioned just below the pectoral muscles/bra line in direct contact with your skin

The Assessment

During the assessment, you will be either standing or sitting throughout the procedure and your clinician will explain clearly what will happen throughout. With only a minor prick on your index finger to take a blood sample, the tests are all painless and non-invasive.

The readings taken during your assessment are stored on a secure, cloud based server hosted by Microsoft. Your assessment results are confidential and will not be released without your consent. However, anonymized data from your assessment may be used to further research and development into general health. If you do not want your anonymized results to be used for research, please inform the clinician on arrival.


On the day of your assessment, you should continue to take the medication prescribed by your doctor. Please give the information about the medication you are taking, to the clinician.


After the assessment, you can see your full health report, digitally, when you log into your Soza Health Customer login account.

Communication, the customer portal, and the Soza health journey
You will receive a series of emails and SMS texts confirming the date, time and location of your assessment, together with reminders to fast on the day and to hand over the urine and saliva specimens to the clinician.

Most important of all, you will receive a link to login to the customer portal ( by going to, where you can create your account with password to gain access to your confidential part of the Soza health system.

For public/individual bookings, please go to booking page.

For corporate bookings, please contact:

Renjith Thomas
Head, Corporate Medical Insurance
Mobile – 39041402
Email –

For a pdf file of this information, click here.

For more information you can also write to

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