Medical Records

Record-keeping has always been a priority at the American Mission Hospital. From the history of this medical mission, we can see how this hospital's founding fathers have maintained records and provided regular reports even a hundred years ago. 

Some of the paper records available with us are over seventy years old and more. But, in the recent past, we have digitized most records.

You can inquire regarding birth certificates, for babies born at AMH, from as far back as 1935.

Our Medical Records Department plays a major role in the technical and administrative aspects of the science of collecting, processing, storing, and retrieving of health data of our patients.

Our patients can access their recent digital records in any of the following ways.

  1. by simply using the myHealth Login (Patient Portal) - 

  2. by using our WhatsApp Chat Bot

  3. by sending an email - if an official report is required - to: or

You would be getting a response, within five working days

Please note that in your email, if you include,

(a) the patient's full name - as given in the CPR Card by the Government of Bahrain or on the patient's passport 

(b) the phone number with which the patient's name is registered in AMH, and 

(c) an Email address to communicate, 

it would help us to track the record and send it to you quickly.

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Website link to MyHealth Login

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WhatsApp Chat Bot :

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