Human Resources

The success of our hospital depends on the quality of our employees.

With that belief, at AMH, along with appropriate education, experience and skills, we seek individuals who demonstrate our organizational values of Integrity, Honesty, and Responsibility, and those who can easily adapt into an environment that fosters Learning, Appreciation and Open-mindedness.

AMH enjoys one of the highest employee retention rates within the private sector in the Arabian Gulf. Some of our employees have been serving, with us, for 30-40 years.

Our employees are mindful of the importance of meeting our patients’ needs. And, therefore, they always try to deliver outstanding customer service, and quality health care.

We nurture a culture that recognizes and rewards performance and promotes career development; by encouraging and assisting each employee to maximize his or her abilities.

It is achieved by providing ongoing CME (Continuing Medical Education)/CPD (Continuing Professional Development) programs as well as in-house training programs to staff. Self-improvement programs and leadership development programs are also regularly organized to enhance the knowledge and skills of our human resources.

Our strategic plan is to satisfy a large and broad patient base, with a wide range of high quality affordable services.

This can only be achieved by maintaining the quality of our employees, along with their motivation.

So, if you would like to be part of AMH and its historical success, we would be happy to tell you more about how AMH can help you reach your career goals, in an employee-centric environment.

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Scam Warning

Please be advised that the American Mission Hospital will never ask for fees or any upfront payments during the recruitment process. Therefore, if any “person” or any “agency” solicits fees from you as a part of a “recruitment process” or as a part of an “offer of employment”, you should assume that the communication is NOT from AMH or from any firm working on behalf of AMH.

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