Chaplaincy/Pastoral Care



The Department of Pastoral Care of the American Mission Hospital serves the people in Bahrain in the spirit and example of Jesus whose compassion for the sick and needy brought God’s grace and enduring love to raise the spirits of the downcast and heal the sick.

Our inspiration is that through the presence of caring servants, our patients and their families experience God such as did Hagar, the mother of Ishmael, described when she gave God the name, “You are the God who sees me”  (Genesis 16:13).  Accordingly, The Department of Pastoral Care champions the Mission of the hospital system, that our care is “…based on the Biblical principles of compassion, grace, and love.” 

The Pastoral Care team consists of a full-time chaplain, an associate chaplain and/or student chaplain, and dedicated, trained volunteers.  The chaplain and the rest of the team are available to visit and support patients and their families, and to give support to AMH employees.  

Pastoral Care and consultation is available at all hospital and clinic locations.

Rev Paul R Deutsch, the Lead Chaplain, provides leadership to the morning devotions (7:30 AM) Sunday through Thursday at the KHAMH Christ Chapel, in A'Ali, and incorporates members of the staff to participate in this ministry.  These gatherings are also available to view online via Zoom.  Many of the previous Chapel Devotions have been recorded and are available for viewing at a link that will be available here, soon (please come back, later).  

Additionally, confidential prayer requests can be shared and placed in a prayer request box located either beside the chaplain's office in Manama or by the prayer room off the Christ Chapel foyer in Aali's KHAMH. 

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