Steps to boost your metabolism

Metabolism is the prime concern for anyone who’s watching their weight. But, the funny thing about metabolism is that men have a higher rate when compared to women and also continue to burn calories even when at rest. You lucky ones! Though metabolism remains the same for most individuals, there are a few changes in lifestyle which could speed up the rate of metabolism rather than usual.

Build Muscle:

The more the muscle the more you burn calories. The body can burn calories even when at rest. The resting metabolic rate is higher in those who have more muscle. On average, we use a minimum of 6 calories per day to sustain every pound of muscle. In comparison to fat which burns not more than 2 calories per day for each pound of fat.

Hydrate Yourself:

One must make sure to drink enough water every day. A person who drinks more than 8 glasses of water loses more weight when compared to one who drinks not more than 4 glasses per day. Make it a point to drink water and hydrate yourself with unsweetened beverages and drinks, before a snack or a meal.

Energy Drinks:

Most energy drinks are filled with caffeine and taurine. Both caffeine and taurine cause sleep issues, hypertension and high blood pressure. The caffeine drains your energy and doesn’t have anything to do with burning fat.

Indulge in Protein:

Proteins such as lean beef, turkey, fish, white meat chicken, tofu, nuts, beans, eggs, and low-fat dairy products can help burn more calories when compared to carbohydrates. Snack on healthy proteins and add to your protein intake during meals to burn more calories.

Switch to Black Coffee:

Coffee, when taken in moderation, can help you with limited calorie burn and help give you the push when you feel exhausted and need to exercise. If you are looking to increase a short- term metabolic rate and increase your attention span at the same time. Coffee can help you with the same.

The loss of weight isn’t always related to exercise or keeping up to your crash diet. It also involves eating the right food that speeds up your metabolism. If you are looking for more advice on keeping a healthy diet and shedding those pounds, look us up and give us a call.

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