GCC Business Excellence Award


Since 1893 The American Mission Hospital (AMH) has been an integral part of Bahrain’s community. Now it has gained global recognition by receiving two honours in the Business Worldwide Magazine (BWM) 2020 GCC Business Excellence Awards.

The GCC Business Excellence awards honour both organisations and individuals behind innovations and inspirations driving increased growth and development to their sector. The entrepreneurial work and corporate excellence of these pioneers has significantly contributed to the economic vision of this dynamic region in establishing itself as a global knowledge-base, as well as a leading destination for new initiatives.

Not only have the operations of these organisations been of world class quality, but their striving endeavour to push boundaries, respond to challenges and tackle taboos has earned them admiration and respect from their peers and consequently made them employers of choice.

American Mission Hospital has achieved first place in two awards categories; Best Private Non-profit Healthcare Provider – GCC and ‘Business Leadership and Outstanding Contribution to Healthcare – GCC’, which was won by Group CEO Julia Maria Tovey.

The hospital’s mission has always been to provide high quality healthcare at an affordable cost, to everyone who needs it, and it was the first hospital in Bahrain to be accredited by the Australian Council of International Hospital Standards in 2006.

The vision is for AMH to be a leader in setting the standard for high quality, innovative healthcare in Bahrain, reinventing itself as a new digital healthcare hospital that connects the individual to home, hospital and the wider community. Patients can now access appointments and medical information through a revolutionary phone app, bringing the power of health management to their own fingertips. The core values that drive excellence in what AMH does are seated in the involvement in the community, by raising awareness of health issues and improving the lives of those less fortunate.

The Hospital’s CEO, Julia Tovey RN, RSCN, BsC, MBA, LHCRM, is dedicated to ensuring the execution of its mission is patient-focused, safe and exceeds patient expectations. In a career spanning over thirty years, she has worked at some of the biggest and most respected hospitals in England, America and The Middle East. Her appointment at AMH was an historic moment for the hospital and for women, as she became the first female Group CEO in its 120 year history. She explained her leadership approach to BWM, “My philosophy is simple – put people before profits. If we look after our employees they in turn will give their best to ensure a positive patient experience.”

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