Physiotherapy is a healthcare support service, which assists the medical service in dealing with different aspects of treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of disorders utilizing exercise and electrotherapy procedures. It begins with an assessment of the patient’s condition including medical history and physical examination. Physiotherapist helps people of all ages who have physical problems caused by illness, accident or ageing. We relieve pain, rehabilitate muscles alignment and increase mobility in order to promote health and well-being. We educate the patients in proper body alignment as postures and work habits. 

The patient’s education is a key to success of the physiotherapists. Our physiotherapist is trained to treat symptoms of injury and disease by physical means, heat and pressure. When doctors recommend a patient for physiotherapy, the therapist evaluates the patient and plans a line of treatment. In AMH we use a combination of two or modalities lasting for 45 minutes to one hour, on alternate days for 3 – 5 sessions. In case of acute injury like wry neck, treatment is given daily.

  • Trained Physiotherapists
  • Prevention of disorders
  • Evaluates the patient and plans a line of treatment
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