Cosmetic Dermatology
As a subspecialty of Dermatology, 'Cosmetic Dermatology' helps improve skin on the face and neck for cosmetic purposes, rather than for the treatment of medical conditions.

While some dermatologists focus on medical issues and dangers related to the skin, cosmetic dermatologists particularly choose to concentrate on aesthetic issues, and the cosmetic applications of dermatology.

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures are great, for people who want to boost their looks, with minimal impact on their busy life.

Dr. Wanda Alemao, our expert in this area, can be consulted by interested individuals. 

Some of our latest offers in this area are found in our packages and offers pages. 
Cosmetic Dermatology Services
  •  Correcting skin tone
  •  Smoothing wrinkles
  •  Removing hair on the face or body
  •  Reducing surface fat
  •  Tightening skin
  •  Removing tattoos
  •  Treating cellulite
  •  Treating acne and acne scars

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