The department is run by a team of qualified and experienced Anesthesiologists who work together with the same motto and a uniform approach. The team is skilful and well trained, not only in Anesthesiology but also in Intensive Care services and Pain Management. The anesthesiologists provide 24 hour in house anesthesia services including epidural for labor pain. Anesthesiology is all about eternal vigilance and our department motto is “IN SOMNO SECURITAS” – SAFETY IN SLEEP


AMH has five full time anesthesiologists providing 24-hour in-house anesthesia services including epidural for labor pain. They have extensive experience in the anesthetic management of complex surgical procedures, as well as in the field of critical care and pain management.

Pre–Anesthesia Clinics

All patients scheduled for elective surgery go through a pre-anesthetic checkup by one of the anesthesiologists. They will be asked about their current illness, past surgeries and illnesses, along with the presence of allergies and history of any medication usage. A physical exam will be conducted and appropriate investigations ordered as deemed necessary.

Anesthetic Techniques

Depending on the nature of the surgical operation and the patient’s physical condition, the choice of the anesthesia is made from a variety of available anesthetic techniques. 

Facilities And Equipment
  • The operating rooms are located on the first floor of the hospital building, close to the Urgent Care Unit, the Labor room, the Intensive care unit and the main wards for ease of access. 
  • The OR complex has been recently renovated to include three major operating rooms, a reception , recovery room and the CSSD (the central sterilization and supply department)
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