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Published by: AMH Archives Team
Published Date: 5/29/2023
Dr Harold Storm Revisits AMH in 1976, 10 Years after Retirement

After serving as the 5th Chief Medical Officer of American Mission Hospital, Bahrain, during 1937-1941, Dr Harold Storm led the facility once again, for a second term, during 1948-1964. 

Including his time as its CMO, he'd served the hospital for a full total of 38 years.


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After Awali Hospital was founded in 1937, to support the employees and families of the then newly-established Bapco, it was Dr Storm who had ensured that AMH regularly seconded many doctors and nurses regularly so that the Awali Hospital can run smoothly.

As a mark of respect for his service, during his farewell in 1965, a royal banquet was hosted in his honour, at the palace, by the late Shaikh Isa, the Amir of Bahrain. All  of the medical fraternity of Bahrain were invited.

This picture, however, is from 1976 when, 10 years after his retirement, he visited Bahrain once again, and met with his former colleagues at the hospital.

Seen in the picture is Dr Ali Fakhro, the then Minister of Health.

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AMH Archives Team

AMH Archives Team

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