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Published by: Job Suresh Samuel
Published Date: 9/11/2022

I was born in a small town called Vellore in the southern state of India. Vellore is home to the world-renowned Christian Medical College, which was established by American missionaries hundred maybe 120 years ago.

And I had the privilege of growing up in this same compound. God-fearing, humble parents raised me in a poor, middle-class family. My mother was a primary school teacher, and my father was a Pharmacy tech in the Vellore CMC hospital.

I had a dream of becoming a Forensic Lab researcher. I observed the dedicated services of the Medical Lab Technology employees at CMC every time I visited to deliver my dad's lunch.  Whenever I go and come out of the Hospital, I felt I should also serve as one of them in the Hospital. I was much interested when my father used to tell the sacrificial stories of missionaries who worked in that Hospital and the Ida Scudder stories. She was the founder of that Hospital.

Why AMH?

Since my birth and my childhood, I have been experiencing Missionary work from, especially American missionaries. Above all, my very close family members were employees of AMH for more than six decades.

I have heard the history of AMH and the beautiful services and the esteem AMH had. The beautiful relationship with AMH started well before I joined and continues today with Biblical principles and values that made me choose AMH Bahrain.

In May 1996, I was interviewed by the then Lab Manager Dr David Bevan over the telephone and offered a job in the Lab. Unfortunately, my journey here wasn't all that smooth.  My flight had a transit planned in Muscat. Guess what? I missed my connecting flight to Bahrain due to a technical problem. I spent 14 long hours in Muscat without any communication about what was coming next. I truly felt lost for a short while.

But the moment I landed, I was pleasantly surprised to note all the meticulous preparation AMH had made. Everything, including the food for the day, was cared for by my senior staff and friends. I felt I was in the lap of my parents.

I landed in Bahrain on the 30th of July 1996. It was a Thursday. On Friday, I attended the church service, which I felt so blessed and assured of my beautiful future in Bahrain.

To me, my early days were beautiful as AMH made me feel at home in all situations, both personally and as an employee.

Memorable Moments

The very acquaintance to Bahrain through AMH, the first day of my work and the everyday Chapel devotions are my simple memories. But, in particular, some sad moments include the demise of the first Amir of Bahrain Sh. Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa, and our staff Dr Dennis, Mr Ahmed, Mr Daniel and Dr Solomon, the Ambulance Driver and our plumber Mr Sivan. They give me sad memories.

Another memorable moment is the crisis that took place over five years ago. The sudden chaos gave me a great shock. Yet, today as I look back, it brings a smile to me - the triumphant comeback of our dear Dr George and Ms Julia despite all odds stacked against them. The transformation that AMH is accomplishing in its growth and development is simply outstanding! And, of course, the CAP accreditation of our Lab during this year (2021).

What has kept you here for 25 years?

The 100 years legacy of AMH and the loving, kind, caring support of the management (even when in difficult situations) kept me here. And, of course, the uninterrupted concern that is rendered to all employees with absolute adherence to Biblical vision and mission.

The most challenging

My work in India for 12 years as senior tech allowed me to be a technologist to authorities like Governors and retired Presidents in the state I worked. It was equally challenging at the beginning at AMH when I had to handle the whole Microbiology department. The next challenge came when I pursued my Master's degree while still being employed at AMH. I did this with God's grace and the support of the AMH administration. I was able to complete my masters in the year 2013. Today, as everyday AMH is facing various challenges, I am proud and privileged to be part of the team.

Enjoyable moments

Every morning I enjoy it as I walk into the Hospital and see my culture plates with the bacteria in it. This puts a smile on my face. I enjoy every bit of my work. Whenever I meet all my co-employees, I share my moments at AMH and its legacy, which are my enjoyable moments. The appreciation I receive from the patients, and our doctors give me a lot of energy and joy whenever recognized. I work with a great set of colleagues. One I remember from yesteryears is Mr. Ahmed Buzaid. He started working at AMH at the age of 15 and had an exceptionally long career of  60 years! I had the privilege of working along with him in the lab for nearly 10 years.

Muscat or Manama?

Twenty-five (25) years ago, I also received an offer from Muscat while I received an offer from Bahrain. My mother was very keen on Bahrain. That was it! Now looking back, my wife, my daughter and all my immediate family are pleased that I'm at the AMH. My wife Margaret also continues to be my colleague here with me!


As a member of the AMH family, I look forward to, and I wish to be a part of each development and growth of the Hospital in the future. That is my prayer, and I hope to sincerely continue to work as I have always done. My heartfelt thanks to all administration authorities for giving me this opportunity and privilege! May the Lord bless AMH!


Published by

Job Suresh Samuel

Job Suresh Samuel, Senior Laboratory Technician, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

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