Corporate CEO Message

Our commitment to the community in Bahrain is to deliver outstanding quality of healthcare today and into the future, where wellness and health are preserved.  Our patients are always at the heart of all that we do.

When interventions are necessary, these are done responsibly and sustainably where both value and choice is at the core of how quality care is delivered.

As the Corporate CEO of AMH, I have spent over a decade in its transformation, holding onto our core values of service as a not-for-profit hospital, creating a workforce that is both competent and compassionate. Their self-development is important in developing high performing teams that are capable of delivering safe and quality healthcare today and in the future.

The Covid-19 pandemic, though a global threat, has also given us new and accelerated opportunities to leverage technology to transform how healthcare is delivered and experienced.

Leaders, given their experience and positions, need to lead and inspire both the organizations and the community to come together and address complex social issues that have a direct impact on physical and mental wellbeing.

Covid has added an extra layer on the existing challenges of care needs of ageing populations, and in trying to reverse the relentless increase of Chronic Medical conditions and their impact on the quality of life and the economy.

Environmental, social and governance issues have always dogged healthcare systems around the world. At AMH, we are committed to raising the bar on all our (ESG) activities minimizing any adverse impact on the environment, and on the community in which we operate.

Our new hospital, which is due for opening at the end of 2022, is built on lean and green principles with the use of solar technology to conserve power and the responsible use of water through recycling through RO plants. Sufficient greenery, through targeted landscaping, is added to enhance the environment for our customers and the local community.

The hospital has grown over the years to become a healthcare system with two hospitals and three ambulatory care facilities that provide the whole cycle of healthcare from birth to end of life care with patient experience and quality healthcare that is affordable, for all segments of the community.

The new Not-for-profit law in Bahrain has allowed us to be the first and the largest not-for-profit healthcare organization in the region.

We are thankful to the leadership of the country and the government for allowing us to serve the people of Bahrain for over 120 years.

We look forward to continuing our service in a rapidly changing world for the next 100 years.

Yours in service,

George Cheriyan MD, FRCPCH, FRCPI

Corporate CEO / Chief Medical Officer

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