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Tel Number: 17177711 Ext. 2377, Direct Number: 17177711
Saturday - Thursday,7:30am - 8:00pm
Fridays, 7:30am - 12:00pm

Well Woman Health Package

  • Test/Procedure
  • Physical Examination
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Routine Urinalysis
  • Pelvic Ultrasound Scan
  • Cervical (Pap Smear)
  • Mammogram(only if age over 40 years)

What to think about:
One woman in 40 dies of coronary heart disease before the age of 65.
One woman in 12 will contract breast cancer.
Thousands of women die of cervical cancer every year.

However, With today's technology many problems can be treated with early diagnosis. Proper diagnosis, advice and treatment is readily available. Tens of thousands of women are successfully treated for a variety of cancers every year.

What to do?
American Mission Hospital has developed a health evaluation specifically designed to identify the early signs of disease long before a serious problem develops.
American Mission Hospital has state-of-the-art diagnostic instrumentation in its Pathology Laboratory to provide you with the most comprehensive of tests.
American Mission Hospital has professional laboratory technicians to ensure the highest degree of certainty in the results of your:

  • Pap smear
  • Blood count and
  • Urinalysis

American Mission Hospital has certified and licensed OB/Gyn doctors to evaluate, advise and assist you in every way possible.

Important reminders:

  • It is advisable for women over 30 years of age to have a Pap smear yearly.
  • It is advisable for all women to perform a self-breast examination monthly. Askyour Doctor to show you how.
  • It is recommended that all women have a yearly breast examination by a doctor.
  • It is advisable for all women to have a mammogram (breast x-ray) once a year after the age of 40.
  • Consult your doctor if you notice any changes in your body that alarm you.
  • Keep your own personal record of doctor visit.

The following tests are performed as part of the Well Woman package:

  • Advice given as to whether a mammogram is necessary.
  • Within ten to fourteen days you will receive full results of your tests. You will receive information that will help explain your results and provide advice. If any problems are detected, you will be quickly advised of the necessary steps to take.
  • American Mission Hospital can help you to safeguard your health for you and your family.
    Keep healthy by : eating well, exercising and regular checkups.
  • Test/Procedure
  • Two to Four Nights of Stay
  • Daily Obstetrician & Pediatrician Visit/li>
  • Post Natal Exercises with Physiotherapy
  • Maternity & Nursery Supplies
  • Relevant Medical & Injections
  • Relevant Laboratory Tests
  • Normal Nursery Care

Tel: 17253447 Ext. 333
Well Baby Clinic
Tuesdays and Saturdays, 3:15 pm - 8:00 pm
Newborn infants through 4-year old toddlers
Newborn infants through 4-year old toddlers

At our Well Baby Clinic, we can:

  • Assess growth and development.
  • Screen for early signs of disease.
  • Schedule immunizations.
  • Advise on factors for growth and development.
  • Address parental concerns: feeding, teething, nutrition, etc.

For more information or to make an appointment, call the Diabetes Clinic on 17248122.
Diabetes Clinic
Tuesdays and Saturdays, 3:15 pm - 8:00 pm

Diabetes Clinic

Helping you to manage your diabetes … for Life. American Mission Hospital is committed to providing a cost-effective, comprehensive and caring service for all its diabetic patients. To make this a reality, the hospital has developed a ‘Diabetics health care team’ with a number of doctors and specialists working together under the umbrella of a Diabetes Clinic.

Specialists include internists, an ophthalmologist, nutritionist and dental surgeon throughout the week to support you in managing your diabetes in the best possible way. As part of its commitment to further strengthen the program for diabetics, AMH now has ten nurses of various nationalities who will act as nurse counselors to coordinate patient care and be the primary patient educators. The service is based at the Overkamp Clinic in Manama but patients can also been seen in the AMH Saar Clinic. Caring for diabetes can often be expensive and time consuming. Keeping this in mind, the services of the Diabetes Clinic are being provided as “annual” and “follow-up” packages which are attractively priced and will include extensive physician input and laboratory work with the aim of helping you to manage your diabetes … for Life.

Benefits of the new AMH Diabetes Package

  • Health care team approach ensures all-round support from a team of doctors and specialists
  • Support extends beyond the patient to his/her family to ensure that diabetics can successfully manage their condition from home.
  • Nurse counsellors provide individual and group education sessions for patients and their families, as well as practical training in such areas as monitoring blood glucose, injecting Insulin, etc.
  • Nurse counsellors will be based both at Manama and Saar.
  • All patients will be seen by a nutritionist who will provide specific advice tailored to each individual. With the addition of a new multi-lingual dietitian, we are able to provide a service in tune with the diverse cultural and dietary backgrounds of our patients.
  • Comprehensive evaluation by the AMH eye specialist.
  • Obstetricians are able to access the services of the diabetes team to better manage pregnancy-related diabetes.
  • The hospital continues to provide in-patient services for diabetics.

What are the costs?

Diabetes has assumed epidemic proportions in the local community but AMH believes that its re-launched Diabetes Clinic will play an active role in reducing the burden of illness and disability by providing quality care which is affordable and effective. With this in mind, AMH has developed a new package based on an initial assessment followed by quarterly reviews. The price reflects a 50% reduction in prices at AMH.

What is included?

Initial/Annual assessment:

  • Full diabetes profile in the laboratory
  • ECG
  • Nurse Counsellor/Educator
  • Dietician/Nutritionist
  • Full examination by doctor
  • Ophthalmologist examination
  • Dental examination (including 2 bitewings)
  • Free Glucometer with package booking

    Control period (first month):

    • Blood sugar (fasting) Reflo, 3 times
    • Doctor review, 3 occasions


    • HBA1c (each quarter)
    • Micro Albumin (at 6 months)
    • Nurse Educator (at 3 and 9 months)
    • Dietician (at 6 months)
    • Doctor review (every 3 months)

    Chest Clinic

    Benefits of the new AMH asthma package:

    • to promote long term well-being of patients suffering from a lung disease.
    • to provide access to a regular physical examination, labaratory investigations and educational information.

    The Chest Clinic provides:

    • Patient education and self management
    • Assessment and monitoring of asthma severity
    • Avoidance of factors that trigger asthma
    • Detialed follow up care

    The goals of long term asthma management:

    • minimal or no symtoms, including night time symptoms
    • minimal asthma attacks or episodes
    • avoiding emergency visits to hospitals or doctor's
    • minimal need for quick-relief- B2 (BEta 2) agonist therapy
    • no limitation on physical excercise and activities
    • nearly normal lung function
    • minimal or no side effects from medication
    For further information or to make an appointment in the Chest Clinic, call 17 248110 or 17 248121

    Anti Smoking Clinic

    Timings: By appointment. Ph: 17253447 Ext. 210 / 211.

    Dr. Babu Ramachandran

    Dr Babu was attached to the Indian council of Medical Research as senior research fellow, his research being Allergy and Asthma. He also underwent advanced training in respiratory medicine. His experience in the field of respiratory medicine exposed him to the dreaded effects of tobacco and he realized the fact that a cigarette is aptly defined as a "flame at one end and a fool at the other". He has done research work in the field of "anti smoking "Dr Babu in the antismoking stall. Dr Babu joined the AMH as a General Practitioner in 1998 and has been instrumental in the opening of the Anti Smoking Clinic. Dr Babu says "I'm attempting to reach out to the youth to prevent them from taking the first puff which can lead them to addiction". By visiting various schools here in Bahrain and interacting with the youth he aims to spread the message of anti smoking. The antismoking clinic offers the smoker psychological and medical advice to stub out the cigarette so that we can ultimately attain a smoke free world.

    For appointments on anti-smoking, please contact-
    Ph: 17253447 Ext. 210 / 211.

    Employee Health Executive Package

    • Test/Profile
    • Physical Examination
    • Liver Function Profile
    • Kidney Function Test
    • Stool Occult Blood
    • Routine Urinalysis
    • Fasting Blood Sugar
    • Complete Blood Count
    • Chest X-Ray
    • EKG

    Routine Dental Check-up Package

    • Dental Procedure
    • Initial Oral Examination
    • Scaling & Polishing
    • Pertinent Dental X-Ray

Insurance Accepted

  • Bupa
  • BNI
  • AXA
  • RSA
  • Amity
  • Axa
  • BNL
  • Bupa
  • Cigna
  • Gems
  • Globemed
  • Gulf Union
  • Health 360
  • Interglobal
  • Medivisa
  • Mednet
  • Neuron
  • Next Care

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