Nursing administration

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Over the past few years the nursing department has been developed and reorganized with the aim of improving the quality of nursing care and service provided to our patients.

With the day-to-day control of these departments we are able to provide the highest quality service we can for patients from the moment they enter the hospital to the time they are discharged.

To provide the highest quality patient centered care, which is culturally sensitive and holistic, by compassionate professional nurses.

The Nursing Vision is to be the recognized leader in nursing practice in the Kingdom of Bahrain through a highly respected, responsible group of caring professionals, recognized for evidence based patient care, safety initiatives, innovations, expert utilization of resources.

We believe that nursing is united by:

  •  Respect
  •  Empowerment
  •  Safe and Quality Care
  •  Professional Excellence
  •  Evidence Based Practice
  •  Credibility and Cultural Competence
  •  Team Spirit
  •  Leadership
  •  Selfless service


  • To deliver quality health care services to the patients.
  • To utilize the nursing process – assessing the patients, identification of the needs, planning and implementation of the interventions, and the evaluation of the outcomes to determine the level of the achieved wellness.
  • To utilize the quality improvement scheme through planning, continuous monitoring and evaluation to ensure that patients received the best quality of care.
  • To provide motivations among nursing personnel to encourage them to render optimal contributions in the delivery of quality patient care.
  • To provide the optimum level of nursing cares and services to meet the health care demands of the patients who entrusted their lives to our care.
  • To treat patient with dignity and respect advocating the health rights of individual patient and family.
  • To make use of appropriate hospital facilities in meeting the patient’s health care needs.
  • To develop competent nurses capable to provide quality nursing cares and services to the patients.
  • To provide skilled nurses through education, trainings and workshops, seminars, and scientific activities.
  • To have a continuous in-service training program to update nurses with the latest trend in nursing care delivery.