American Mission Hospital celebrates World Hand Hygiene Day. “Clean Hands Healthy Life.”


Whether you are five or 95, keeping your hands clean can help you avoid contracting and spreading infections. With its campaign, the WHO reminds us all, from doctors to hospital visitors, that very small things can alter the course of a patient’s recovery. Worldwide, hundreds of millions of patients are affected by Health care associated Infections each year. This is why hand hygiene is so critical.

Hand Hygiene Day is also an excellent reminder that infection prevention starts at home. Thanks to simple steps, we can all make sure that our loved ones stay healthy.

Hand Hygine

Hand Hygiene celebration program was held on May 3rd 2018.There were 200 children participated in drawing competition held at AMH in all four branches.The top 25 children were chosen and awarded by the Corporate CEO Dr. George Cheriyan and Group CEO Ms. Julia Tovey.