Our new mission! Gulf Weekly Press Release

New Saar

The American Mission Hospital (AMH) – which has operated in the kingdom for more than a century – is set to launch a new and improved medical centre in Saar and has plans to launch three more bases across the kingdom in the near future.

The not-for-profit medical and dental operation, which has had a clinic in the popular district since 2000, is relocating further down the avenue to ‘better serve’ its patients.
Dr George Cheriyan, AMH’s chief medical officer and CEO, said: “AMH has served the people of Saar, Janabiyah and Budaiya area for the last 16 years and while it may have been a small clinic, it has served the people well. However, it had reached the point where we were constantly busy and there was no way we could expand to accommodate more patients.
“In addition to that, there was a growing demand for X-ray and lab facilities and we also needed to expand our paediatric care.
“We have been looking at different locations. It just came about that we found this place which is on the same avenue as our present clinic. It’s a beautiful facility we can be proud of.”
The new medical centre boasts a built-up area of more than 2,500sqm.The facility, close to Alosra Roundabout, is almost near completion with a soft opening scheduled for the first week of October.
It will house several new features including a ward completely dedicated to child care with a team of paediatric nurses and consultants. Up to five sick youngsters will be able to be admitted for observation for up to 10 hours at a time.
There will also be a separate adult urgent care unit in which seven to eight patients could be brought in for 10-hour observation periods. To compliment that, Dr Cheriyan added that there will be a full radiology service which offers digital X-rays, ultra sound and medical laboratory services. There will also be primary care clinics for general practice services, obstetrics and gynaecology and internal medicine, as well as speciality services for eyes, ears, nose & throat and orthopaedics.
There are plans for a fully-fledged physiotherapy unit and a dental clinic with six operatory spaces and digital X-rays.
There will also be a wellness area to conduct classes tackling weight loss, for example, plus additional staff facilities featuring a conference and a filing room. Parking will be available for up to 55 patients.
Dr Cheriyan added: “At the moment we are operating the facilities between 7.30am and 10.30pm but we are planning at the beginning of next year to operate on a 24-hour basis. We already have facilities on site at the Saar clinic with a vision of opening a dialysis unit too by the second or third quarter of next year.”
This is only the beginning for AMH which was recognised as ‘one of the best’ regional hospitals by the International Socrates Committee based in Oxford, England. In addition, Dr George was also honoured with a ‘Manager of the Year’ award by the same body.
The Reformed Church in America co-owns the enterprise, which runs under a government ministry. Shaikh Mohamed bin Abdulla Al Khalifa holds the position of board chairman and its members include Hall Delano Roosevelt, the grandson of a former US president and a leading Bahrain-based businessman.
AMH’s mission statement says it maintains a commitment to provide quality, affordable medical services. It now aims to spread its operation to Riffa, Juffair and Hamad Town.
Dr Cheriyan said: “This is part of the board’s 10-year plan. Our facilities will be closer to where people are so that people don’t have to travel all the way to Manama, Amwaj or Saar. We are now working on a facility in Riffa which is due to open sometime in the summer of next year and it is going to be even bigger than the one in Saar.
“The vision was always to expand and now with all that is happening with health care on the island in and around the GCC, it is time we did.
“With Bahrain poised to enter the health insurance market within the next three to four years it is important that AMH is well positioned to serve the market.
“It is about offering the people of Bahrain an AMH brand whether be it in Riffa, Saar or Juffair. People love us because we have been in the business for more than 115 years. There is a big trust element as well. We don’t exist as a business model to make profits so if there is a need, patients are served.”
Riffa’s concept design for its clinic has already begun while a location for the Juffair facility has been found and building details are being finalised. AMH plans to open the hospital in Juffair in the third quarter of 2018.
Its community outreach programme stems from the original mission of the hospital’s founding fathers and its programmes nowadays range from the identification of chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, special medical care for orphans and the blind, children with special needs and disabilities, as well as screening for breast and colon cancer. AMH is also heavily involved in healthcare education within the community and offers general healthcare checks at elderly centres and labour camps.