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    Patient Safety Event - 2016

    AMH celebrated first ever Patient Safety Event involving public On Oct 6th 2016.The main purpose of the event was to create awareness about patient safety in hospital.

    Here were delegates from NHRA, Government hospitals like Salmania Medical Center, Bahrain Defense Force, King Hamad University Hospital, Public Health Communicable Disease Section and Vaccination Section, College of Health Science, Royal College of Surgeons, Private hospitals like Royal Bahrain, Ibn Al Nafees Hospital and Bahrain Specialist Hospital.

    The Event was sponsored by Mohammed Fakro Company, GEMS Insurance, Wael Pharmacy and YMH pharmacy.

    There were 25 departments in AMH competed in the form of stage programs and videos. Only nine programs were chosen to take part in the final event. The delegates from BDF and SMC kindly agreed to choose the winners of this event. MSPU on Medication safety won first prize of cash award 100BD and SAAR on Emergency disaster planning, OPD on Hand Hygiene and Manama Dental on Dental Safety won First Runner Up and cash award of 75BD. All the programs chosen were given 40BD cash awards and all who participated received Cash BD 20 from CEO of the Organization. The hall decoration and the stage decoration were by creative idea of AMH staff.

    Dr. George Cheriyan, CEO of American Mission Hospital was very happy to see the involvement of all the staff as a team and their commitment in patient safety.

    In future AMH is planning to conduct Bahrain Patient Safety Event and involve all the Healthcare Organizations to participate.