Available Positions

NO Position Job Code
1 Pediatrician HR003
2 Pharmacist HR005
3 Female Physiotherapist HR019
4 General Physician HR009
5 Internist HR011
6 Neurologist HR012
7 Obstetrician/Gynaecologist HR013
8 General Surgeon HR001
9 Insurance Coordinator HR006
10 Orthopaedic Surgeon HR007
11 Insurance Coordinator                 HR010
12 Cashier HR014
13 Ophthalmologist HR015
14 Medical Transcriptionist HR016
15 Female Radiographer HR017
16 Dietician HR018


  • Minimum of 5 years Experience
  • Worked for reputable organizations
  • Selected candidates will only be contacted

Job – Related Inquiries

To submit resumes/CV’s, please use our hr@amh.org.bh
“Please contact the customer service email (customercare@amh.org.bh) to provide the feedback or make an inquiry. Kindly send your job applications to HR email (hr@amh.org.bh) and please refrain from sending promotional or marketing related offers to these emails ”