Available Positions

NO Position Job Code
1 Pediatrician HR003
2 Pharmacist HR005
3 Anaesthesia Technician HR004
4 General Physician HR009
5 Internist HR011
6 Neurologist HR012
7 Obstetrician/Gynaecologist HR013
8 General Surgeon HR001
9 ENT Surgeon HR006
10 Orthopaedic Surgeon HR007
11 Insurance Coordinator                 HR010
12 Radiologist HR014
13 Ophthalmologist HR015
14 Medical Records Supervisor       HR016
15 Respiratory Therapist Technician HR017
16 Dietician HR018
17 Chief Nursing Officer HR019
18 Laboratory Quality Officer HR020


  • Minimum of 5 years Experience
  • Worked for reputable organizations
  • Selected candidates will only be contacted

Job – Related Inquiries

To submit resumes/CV’s, please use our hr@amh.org.bh
“Please contact the customer service email (customercare@amh.org.bh) to provide the feedback or make an inquiry. Kindly send your job applications to HR email (hr@amh.org.bh) and please refrain from sending promotional or marketing related offers to these emails ”